Thursday, 11 April 2013

Registration Renewal :-procedure in KVATIS

Dear followers of my blog its time for VAT Registration Renewal :- This is the first posting of the procedure of Reg. Renewal. Pl comment on it.

As per the KVAT Every registered dealer shall file an application for renewal of the registration in Form NO.1B through online, not later than 30th day of April of the year for which the renewal of registration is sought. Along with the application he shall also file a  E Chalan receipt KVATIS for the fee specified in sub-section (7) of section 16.

Sec 16(7) A certificate of registration issued under sub-section (2) shall be valid for a year and shall be renewed from year to year on payment of the fee specified below:
(a) dealer who is not an importer                    Five hundred rupees
(b) others                                                        One thousand five hundred rupees.

Registration Renewal :-procedure in KVATIS

First Step
Connect to the KVATIS Application by accessing the website and click on E-File:

Login using the respective TIN & password:

On reaching the home page of e-Filing, click on the link ‘Registration Renewal’ Left side Menu:

 On clicking the below screen appears, this is step two for the renewal

Select by clicking Apply for renewal of registration we will the below screen

                 Select the Assessment year as ‘2013-14’:

After selecting the assessment year as 2013-14 you will get the below menu 

By click on the view application you can view the complete details of the log in dealer details
like the below menu

If any changes /amendments are required you can apply through online under online application from the home page.

By clicking the online application you get the below screen

click on the first option

type the amendments and save the same.

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  4. I want to renew our registration but it late for 3 munths

  5. Dear Bimal,

    I would like to know the procedure for issue of C form for the year 2016-17.its not working currently.

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